Tea Tree Essential Oil


No household should be without Tea tree Essential Oil, with its powerful immune system benefits, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial  and anti-fungal properties. Its has a light spicy scent and a very pale color with a watery viscosity.



Extracted from Melaleuca alternifolia of the Myrtaceae Family and is also known as “ti-trol”.  Tea tree oil has are antimicrobial, antiseptic, antiviral, bacteride, cicatrisant, fungicide and insecticide therapeutic properties all in one product.


100% pure Tea Tree oil


Aromatherapy- can be dissolved in water diffuser or can be used in oil burners to give off the scent and therapeutic benefits that aid with colds, sinusitis, bronchitis and any other respiratory issues.

Mixed in massage oil or in a bath- it can benefit people that suffer from issues such as arthritis, dermatitis, skin infections, scalp disorders and sweaty feet.

Combined with creams and lotions- this essential oil helps to clear any fungal, bacterial or viral infections. Therefore, it can used for a variety of problems such as boils, abscesses, acne & dandruff. It works well for people suffering with acne and bed sores


Essential oils should never be applied directly to the skin, they must be diluted in a carrier oil prior to being applied to the skin.

Combines well with: Cinnamon, Clary sage, Clove and Geranium make any room smell divine all year round


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