Dr Brenda Valle Colón

Role: Support to product formulation

Dr Colón is a senior scientist with a combination of strong technical skills and experience in developing challenging drug products. She is, additionally , very conversant with the formulation of cosmetic products. She will lead the team in developing new products at Blends of Nature.

Dr Colón holds a Ph.D in Pharmaceutics (Honours) from the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, Philadelphia College of Pharmacy, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Dr Colons extensive industrial and academic experience entails the formulation of drug products, including conventional and novel dosage forms. She also carries wide experience in regulatory and clinical development processes.

Her deep knowledge in innovative technology development and implementation is capped with an inspiring ‘can do’ attitude, a high level of passion and a gift in interpersonal communication.

Dr Colón has successfully developed, designed and executed strategies for liquid, solid and sterile formulations. She has also led microsphere platform development for long acting injectables, and served as project lead in programmes involving different sites in USA, Germany and France.