About Us

Blends of Nature wants your skin to be in its healthiest state, your hair to be at its best and your beard to be at its finest… Naturally.

Fortunately, nature offers precious oils and essences that can enable these and allow true beauty to shine through.

We have the technical knowledge and skill to transform natural oils and substances into highly effective gender-neutral products for naturally glowing skin, healthy hair and super beards (for our men with the manes!)

Our raw materials are sourced from reputable organizations in Africa including from Ghana, Uganda, South Sudan, South Africa, Tanzania and Rwanda, Madagascar, Lesotho, Morocco, Kenya, Senegal, Egypt and Swaziland. Oils are the core ingredients in our products. We use only the highest quality cold pressed seed oils, base oils and pure essential oils. Gentle cold pressing retains the vital active ingredients used in our natural formulations.

The Shea butters are certified organic and ‘Fair Trade’ by Ecocert SA and the Soil Association, UK. Most of the other products are also ecertified organic , double virgin or natural.

Blends of Nature products are manufactured in a way that ensures they are fit for the intended use and do not place consumers at risk. We take safety and quality seriously, which is why we also seek regular customer feedback to help us continuously improve our products to your satisfaction. We have a highly qualified technical team that ensures quality standards are always maintained.

You are invited to be a part of this beautiful journey, naturally – as nature intended….